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What to Expect

We are dedicated to ensuring that brides enjoy the best parts of planning their big day!

Our team of professional planners are committed to bringing each bride’s different vision to life and executing it seamlessly! We will always pride ourselves on our team and their level of knowledge in the wedding world, outstanding customer service, and network of amazing vendors!

We know any of our planners can and will work alongside any bride to create a FUN + stress-free wedding and planning experience!

This package is ideal for brides that want a professional to assist throughout the entirety of the wedding planning process, so they can enjoy only the best parts of planning their big day!

Exclusive Wedding Planner Services


1. Design Cultivation

We know and understand that the details matter! To kick off the planning process we create a mood board to help us all move in a coherent, fun direction! This will be the driving force of vision and all decisions flow from this.

2. Budget Planning

With our experience in the area and our relationships with vendors, we know how to work some magic to make your dreams come true within your budget! We know where money matters most, and where we can simplify to stay in budget, all while staying true to your vision and goals.
Mad Priest Slinging Cocktails in Chattanooga

3. Vendor Coordination

With our years of experience, we have connections with the best vendors in Chattanooga and Nashville. Vendors love us and know that when Wildflower is on a job, the day will be stress free!

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