The Benagil Cave – Portugal

The Benagil Cave – Portugal

Known for it’s abundance of beautiful caves, Portugal is definitely a magical place to visit! Actually, as I’m scrolling through the photos from this trip, I’d say the majority of them are of Shu and I posing in a cave somewhere. Haha.

None more famous than the Benagil Cave though, so naturally, we had to go check it out!
 So, we hopped on paddle boards and were on our way! Even though you can’t tell from this photo, the waves were unforgiving and I had to sit to keep from getting knocked off! 
Although, Shu had no trouble. As you can see… 
It was about a 20 minute trek through breath-taking rock formations. 
 We were accompanied by our one-of-a-kind tour guide and group of European boss-babes. 
We got to the cave and found some time to play!
 Then we explored the trail along the top of the cave! 
Where we even got to do some cliff jumping. We’re in this photo with hands up on the left!

Overall, I would definitely say the Benagil Cave is worth checking out if you are in Southern Portugal! Perfect for all fitness and adventure levels! 

Xo, Khlo

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