El Yunque Rain Forest Hideaway

El Yunque Rain Forest Hideaway

You only turn 23 once, so naturally, we decided to do something epic for Karlee’s birthday this year. We hopped on a plane, traveled 3 hours south of good ole’ Chattanooga, and ended up in Puerto Rico. A beautiful island with so much culture and color. 

We explored San Juan for the night, then made our way to El Yunque National Rain Forest. We rented a purple Jeep and drove a measly 30 minutes to an airbnb completely secluded in the middle of the forest. (You will definitely need a Jeep to make it to this spot!)

 The home is equipped with all the things you will need for the weekend. It can accommodate 6 -10 guests comfortably. Doel, the property owner, lives next door and was there for us for anything we needed! It was refreshing for us girls to know that we weren’t completely on our own!! 

Doel was so welcoming! He even cooked us dinner one night as we all hung out by the outdoor pool looking up at the many stars that lighted the sky. He was telling us that he often times takes guests to his favorite kayaking spots nearby. (If only we would have had more time!!!) 

This gem also offers all the amenities you would ever want while in the middle of the rainforest including an indoor lighted pool, hot tub, entertaining space, outdoor gym, and rooftop deck. 

Needless to say, we were dancing in the lavish luxury this place had to offer. I’t was definitely a challenge to return after two days in paradise. 

 It would even be a good spot for a destination wedding with you and your closest pals! There are several options for a ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. Here’s the raw space where I have visions of the most magical things!

OKAY, OKAY. Now take this and THINK….. 

Let’s make visions come true: Wildflower Wedding Planning

 There’s also tons of places to hike and explore around this area! We went to Yokahú Tower which ended up being 100% the coolest things ever with 360 views to die for. 

Overall, staying in the El Yunque National Rain Forest was such a beautiful experience. It rained on and off throughout the days and nights. It was so peaceful and relaxing listening to all the nature that the forest has to offer. We even watched the sunrise from the rocking chairs in on the front porch one morning. You can book this awesome home for your next travel itch, HERE

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