3 ways to break your fitness funk

3 ways to break your fitness funk

If you’re anything like me, you know that working out every day can sound pretty unrealistic with the balance of work, being social, and the endlessly growing amount of responsibilities we have adulting. I typically go through phases when it comes to working out on a regular basis. I’ve set a routine in my schedule to do something active at least four days a week, and in theory, all I have to do is execute.

But, as life goes, it can sometimes become challenging to make the time. And once I stop going as often, I find myself going even less until I finally notice I haven’t done anything active in a week! It baffles me because some weeks, it’s so easy for me to work out every day.

After some serious self-awareness assessments, I’ve found I’m a three weeks on; three weeks off kind of person. Kind of makes sense in the natural cycle of things, amiright ladies? The big hurdle for me is getting back on my routine BEFORE three weeks have passed and I’m at the point where I’m starting to notice it in the mirror. I’ve found a few things helpful in reducing the length of time I’m stuck in my “off weeks.”

1.DRINK WATER / EAT WELL – This one is YUGE. If I’ve found myself in the fitness funk, this is always the first step to recovery. Being mindful to consume more water and eat healthy helps with my guilt of not being active. In some way, if I feel I’m at least doing these things, I’m only stagnate rather than working against my fitness goals. Seems silly, but once I do this for a few days, my body and mind are much clearer and it’s a whole lot easier to convince myself to make it to the gym.

2. GO SHOPPING – Okay, so like buying a whole new outfit every three weeks is a bit ridiculous (guilty), but even if I buy a new piece of workout attire I’ve found it really motivates me to want to work out again! I can’t wait to see how my new sports bra looks with that pair of leggings that I’ve had forever. Then, once I’m dressed – well now I have to go to the gym! Works every time.

3. KEEP IT SPICY – Trying out a new class or activity is another way to spark my inspiration to get back on a regular workout routine. I get so bored going to the gym everyday, so I mix up my weekly workouts to help balance out the mundane. Monday – try out a new barre / spin studio. Tuesday – climbing / biking / paddle boarding / trail run with Panda. Wednesday – go to happy hour instead. Thursday – hot yoga. Friday – gym. There are so many workout places in town that offer your first class free!

Overall, my biggest advice to myself and anyone who can relate is to continue to find ways that make working out fun! If you’re in the mindset that it’s this daunting task you HAVE to do to be healthy, well, you’re probably not going to prioritize it.

Let me know if this was helpful to you! Do you have any go-to tips that help you get back into the swing of a healthy lifestyle? What are your favorite studios in town? Best of luck in your personal fitness journey!

xo, klo

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